Michelle Prince


Prince Performance Group

Speaker/Best-selling Author/Leadership Coach


How To Leverage What You Already Know To Build Your Business And Career

Michelle Prince is a best-selling author, sought-after motivational
speaker, self-publishing expert, life coach and CEO/Founder of
Performance Publishing Group, a “partner” publishing company
dedicated to making a difference… one story at a time. She is
known as America’s Productivity Coach, is a certified Human
Behavior Consultant and dedicates herself to helping leaders
impact the world, using the strengths and talents already within
them, to create an extraordinary life and exponentially grow their
business. She’s helped thousands become published authors
through her consulting, courses, seminars, and publishing
services, and founded the “Book Bound Workshop”. She
has also published many successful books, including her
best-selling Winning In Life Now.
Michelle is also an enthusiastic, dynamic speaker who captivates
with her authenticity, high energy, and natural ability to connect
with any audience. She has been endorsed by some of the
most influential speakers in personal development, including
Zig Ziglar. She is a Ziglar Legacy Certified speaker/trainer,
and is honored to be named the Ziglar Brand Ambassador,
representing the values and legacy of the late Zig Ziglar.
She is the co-host of The Ziglar Show podcast, with 40 million
downloads and host of her own podcast, The Power of
Authority. She has been a featured speaker for numerous
professional associations, conferences and events to inspire,
transform and support leaders.
Michelle helps people ignite their passion, identify their purpose,
achieve balance, overcome procrastination, unlock potential, be
more productive, succeed in personal & professional goals and
lead an abundant life.